Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Colors for Hot tootsies

I have finally completed my spring and summer colors. Okay, I can never actually complete it. I love fabric and texture and color way too much to ever feel that my collection is complete. For spring, of course, is lighter fabrics with more vibrant colors. I am tired of the typical pink and brown and blues and brown. Let's change it up a little. I am definitely doing purples with brown for fall.

Anyways, for spring I am making the most adorable little tooth fairy pillows. They actually hang on the door so all they need to do is put the little tooth in the pocket and it's done. No need to fish around under the pillow for that tiny thing. Plus embroidered name is included on the pillow for only $22.

I am also doing a ton of combo sets of two bibs and burpie or 2 burp cloths and a bib. It's such a great value at only $30 for all three. Then just add monogramming and it's a fabulous gift for any new mom or baby shower.

Hot Tootsies is also getting more and more custom work. I am desperate to update my website but I just haven't found the time to make the call. That is my goal in the next week for sure!

One last thing, some of my friends and I had a great idea about a social networking party. Last Friday night all of our planning paid off. We had a great turn out and about 9-10 vendors all in my friend Jennies house. We had tons of food and wine and just had a great time socializing and showing off our products. I think it was such a huge success and hopefully it will happen again real soon!

I need to get my three little ones off too bed now.

Check out for a not updated website. lol

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting busy for the holidays

Okay, so I forgot I had a blog. With three kids, no help and a husband that works long hours my brain can't quite process everything. I actually forget things. I feel like my brain is at capacity.

So I decided to take on one more project. Training for a half marathon. Some friends and I pulled this idea out of our butts and we are going with it. I bought a treadmill but really like to run outside better. Thank god for I-Pods or I wouldn't be able to do this. I am asthmatic and never thought of myself as a runner or athlete. Although I have worked out religiously my entire life but running is a whole new deal. The aches and pains are intense. I am hungrier than ever...

I have some of my booties, bibs, burp cloths and security blankets going into a new boutique opening in Chandler, AZ. It's call Enchantments. Hopefully they sell well. I set up a store front on ETSY as well but haven't gotten around to actually putting items on there. Well, I did put one on then lost interest. I certainly don't have the skills to market myself or my business. I am just happy to sit in my studio and watch reruns of Project Runway on Bravo while I sew and pin. My secret desire is to get a dress form and make my own clothes as well. I think peolple would truly think I had lost it.

I am off to bed so I can get up and get the kids ready for school and get some sewing done...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I just joined a "meet-up" group for mommies making in money. Well, I am actually not making too much money because there is always a new expense in business. Kind of like owning a house, there is always something to be fixed or updated. My husband and I refer to our house as "the money pit" and it's only 6 years old. The desert heat fry's things!

So I joined this networking group but have not been been to any meetings. Does anyone know of any networking groups or if they are effect. I have a website tracker and see that people are on my website looking and spending time but not buying. I have super high-quality fabulous items. I have yet to have any complaints plus my prices are a lot less than baby boutiques. I like to think that once my designer finishes up the site the way I envisioned it, it will improve. I keep hoping to get busy for the holidays but I don't know if I will ever make money doing it all myself.

It's a catch 22 actually. I have no money to hire help, but don't get more business into boutiques because I can't keep up with the demand. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too be a woman in business!

So here is my beef of the day.... I have been working with a web designer to enhance my website. The problem is she is a woman. Yes, just like me. She runs her business out of her house and has young children. You would think this would work for us, right? It doesn't. She is a web designer, meaning totally computer literate and I am a designer of baby gifts like blankets, booties, burpies, bibs, you get the picture. So we both work differently. I have a look in mind for my website as well as how I want things to function. She wants little color other than blue, and no pattern. We have been communicating thru email and it's gotten ugly a few times. Do I sever ties and have someone else finish it? I have already invested lots of money, not to mention a bonus to her.

It's homework time now and I have some orders to work on. Be happy and do what you feel is right. At least that is what I wish I would have done from the beginning. Just know when to listen to others and when to trust yourself.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot Tootsies Baby Company "Boutique quality, not price"

Okay, this is my first blog entry. I am a mom to three beautiful children 8, 5 and 2. Life is crazy busy so I decided to start my own company. It started slow with one product (booties) then progressed into burp cloths, bibs, blankets, etc. I didn't start with a business plan or small business loan. I just started with a love of color and design and here I am. Trying to figure out how to grow my business and run the house. I still clean my own house and make every product myself. Are you impressed?

My 8 year old daughter, Peyton, and 5 year old son, Landon, started school a couple of weeks ago (year round in Chandler, AZ). So I just have my two year old, Tatum, at home with me. The child only sleeps about an hour and a half every day so it's so hard to get work done. But my lovely minivan is falling apart and I desperately need to get a different car. I would like something a little more environmentally friendly but I carpool and need room for additional kids. Oh the dilemna!

It's late and I need to get to bed so I can get up and get some orders finished. In the meantime, check out my website I am redoing my newly redone website because it is just too confusing.....Later